About us

Mum and son

Offspring on a String was conceived by a London-based Mum following the birth of her much longed-for son. While bathing him one evening, she was inspired by the little gingerbread-shaped hook that held his bath toys, and so set about designing a silver charm in it’s likeness to wear around her neck.

Admired by friends, she decided to create a little pig-tailed girl version and a tiny business was ‘born’.

Whether a Mum of one or a Mummy of plenty, each 18″ fine silver necklace is designed to hold single or multiple boy and girl charms. If and when there’s a happy addition to a family, another charm can simply be added. The perfect keepsake for a Mum you know and love – whether she be your own Mum, your sister, your wife, your daughter, your best friend or simply YOU.